Personal Background and Overview

Adele’s Specialties:
–Psychotherapist, play therapist and music therapist for children, adults and seniors.
–Individual and Group work for children with Special Needs
–Work with Elderly with Dementia and Concurrent Conditions
–Vocal Healing and coach
–Training Workshops for teachers on music therapy with children(ages 2-12), including those with special needs. Offer this for private and public programs.
–Music and music therapy in nursing homes and senior centers.

Music was a very strong positive force in my family. My parents are both Jewish survivors of WW2 and suffered greatly as children of war and of the holocaust there. It was during music making times that my family was truly the happiest and most alive. I always sang as a child and was blessed with a rich healing voice. At age 20 I found friends and a musical community that helped me reclaim and reinforce my passion for music as a source of healing and a catalyst for social change. This was “The People’s Music Network” (www.peoples

I began to perform and never stopped. Through the years I also worked as a musical workshop leader in nursing homes and with developmentally disabled adolescents and adults. At the same time I began my career as a social worker. For over thirty years  I have worked with  people from a wide range of backgrounds,  usually in a community based agency  and have worked with many in their homes as well.  My work has allowed me to assist, support and at times empower  folks struggling with mental illness, emotional turmoil, poverty, drugs, domestic and neighborhood violence,  children in need or delayed,  pregnant teens and teen parents,  runaway teens, the homebound and more mobile elderly, and the sick and dying.  At age 45 I discovered the formal field of music therapy.  This propelled me to leave my full time social work job to attend school for music therapy. I began work as a psychotherapist at this time and had my first individual music therapy client. After finishing school I was hired as a clinician and music therapist to work with children in various settings and continued as a psychotherapist.