Working with Children

For the last six years, Adele has worked with children as a music and play therapist. Her work has included extensive group work in an Early Intervention Program, and work as a play and music therapist at an infant toddler, day care and after school program. In the latter, she did individual work as well as working with families, staff and providing clinical expertise in an interdisciplinary setting. She has experience working with children who come from many different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds and who present a wide range of social, emotional, cognitive, motor and sensory difficulties. She uses music, movement, play and verbal communication, to engage children and teens and help build self esteem, explore, assess and modify difficulties, as well as to encourage musical and creative expression, playfulness and social skills.

According to Jacqueline Simms  Director of Center-Based Programs @ The Infant and Child Learning Center /Suny DOWNSTATE Medical Center: “The children and staff look forward to the days when Adele is scheduled to provide services. Her quiet strength emanates throughout her lessons. She is capable of working with all children-children with behavioral issues, medically fragile children, children with short attention spans and of course typically developing children. Her dual degrees of social work and music therapy are demonstrated all the time.”

Staff Training Workshops

Adele also provides staff training on the the use of music for para and professional staff working with children, both typically developing children and those with special needs. She uses didactic material and case studies, as well as experiential activities and exercises to assist and support staff to use music therapeutically. She tailors each workshop to the staff setting and their particular needs.