Social Worker and Musical Healer

For over 30 years Adele Rolider has been working with people of all ages and backgrounds as a clinical social worker and musical healer. She loves working with people and feels music deeply, and uses her clinical and musical skills to engage and involve her clients. For over 15 years she has worked as a psychotherapist and music therapist.  She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (L.C.S.W.), works on a sliding scale, and accepts Medicare and BlueCross BlueShield insurance plans.

Her psychotherapy has included working clinically with people of all ages, backgrounds and a wide range of presenting issues and concerns. These include many kinds of depression, anxiety, grief, phobias, anger management and  sexuality issues, domestic violence, marital and family issues. Over five years ago, she expanded her private practice to include children, after working with them in a wide range of play and music therapy settings, for many years.

For many years she has also combined her psychotherapy and music therapy skills to work with the elderly. She began to work with them privately 15 years ago. There she uses all her clinical and improvisational skills and musicality to engage her clients in a rich musical dialogue. Her elderly clients include those suffering with depression, anxiety and related isolation, anger and loss.

One of her special areas is her work with those with dementia. They respond to her warm, astute and multifaceted outreach and approach. She goes beyond the verbal, into the non-verbal, and vocal cues. By staying open to cues on many levels, she is able to get at the intent, energy and spirit of her clients’ efforts to communicate, and she responds and reflects their efforts, using  vocal improvisation, song, instrumental music, touch, eye contact and verbal dialogue. In this way, many with dementia become more oriented and motivated in the moment to express  and enjoy themselves.

In addition Adele has addressed concurrent speech and mobility conditions through her work.

Adele also works powerfully  with caregivers and has nurtured and strengthened bonds between caregivers and their loved ones, or their patients. Using music she creates a new or enhanced avenue for dialogue, understanding, and compassion through song, music making and storytelling.

Adele’s work with the elderly has taken her into nursing homes and community centers where she has brought music making to groups who become enthused and responsive where minutes before they were isolated and alone in their private lonely worlds. They connect not only with Adele but with each other through the joy of remembering and making music and song together.